DIY HACK – Remote Controlled Steam Beetle

Steam Beetle

Steam Beetle 2


Check out this cool RC controlled steam beetle.

The first issue with the weight started in the wheels and tires. I replaced the stock tires and wheels to 2.2, but immediately encountered flat tires, especially when crawling. The stock foam can not support the weight, and the tires basically were always compressed, with the rim of the wheels grounded. This also made it impossible to turn at all. I found the foam solution by replacing the tire foams with extra large pool noodles. These have the correct outer diameter, and only required the inner hole to be trimmed to fit the rims. RC4WD provided me with a set of really sweet bead locks, and these really helped in holding the foam and tire in place, bolts to both sides of the rims. These aluminum wheels are really nicely machined, and fit perfectly.


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  3. Izl says:

    ill stick with rc cars

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