Nixie Tube Counter taken apart

Nixe Tube Counter taken apart

Nixe Tube Counter taken apart 2

Nixe Tube Counter taken apart 3

Check out the insides of a Nixie Tube counter, cool…

From the 1950’s until about 1970, nixies were a dominant display technology. “NIXIE” is actually a brand name for display tubes made by Burroughs, and the proper generic name might be “cold cathode neon readout tube.” However, as with facial tissue, a single short word involving the letter ‘X’ had more widespread appeal. Whatever you call it, they were used in all manner of electronic instruments that needed to display numerical data until they were ultimately made obsolete by the introduction of LEDs. One of the common places that you can find nixie tubes is in old scientific instruments, like this old HP 5321B frequency counter which has been converted into a clock. (It’s 10:53:49 PM.)

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4 Responses to Nixie Tube Counter taken apart

  1. Andy says:

    Why are there two 8s?

  2. max says:

    hmm….yeah that’s weird…

  3. Izl says:

    Never heard of those

  4. JayDF says:

    I remember when I was a little kid (around 1967-1968), going to the Dr. and he had them check my white blood cell count. They took me down to a little lab, where a nurse took a little blood and put it in a small vial, then put the vial in front of a machine that was as big as a TV set. She inserted a little probe in the vial and hit “start” on the machine (the machine was already “warmed up” – full of vacuum tubes) and the Nixie display counted up from zero to, I don’t know, about 11,000 or so. It seemed to take minutes to finish, I watched in awe as the different numbers would light up! Definately cool technology for the day.

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