POPaPutt for golfers

Pop a Putt

Next time you are betting some money on the golf course, make sure to install this POPaPUtt in the hole while your partner is looking over somewhere else.

Adding to the tradition of non-stop hilarity on the greens is the Pop Up! golf prank which appears to be a small spring loaded device that will cause a ball to come shooting back out of a hole after it’s fallen in. Of course you’ll need a clever distraction in order to slip the Pop Up! into the hole without anyone seeing but once it’s there you can be sure your prank will go down in the annals of golf history.

[via] Coolest-gadgets

3 Responses to POPaPutt for golfers

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  2. Raul says:

    LOL!!! I think if you used those in a game, you could get kiked out

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