DIY HOWTO – Photography

DIY HOWTO - Photography

DIY HOWTO - Photography 3

Darrell submitted his site today for some link exchange with us today. I checked out his site and it’s kinda cool. Actually Garrett and I were talking over lunch at McDonald’s today that it would be really cool to make some “how to make a good digital photos” DIYs but here it is!

The one above is a photography howto that’s very simple. (What’s the difference between the photos? There are none except two different people took it with the same camera, same time, at the same setting)

I started taking photos over 20 years ago, developing rolls of film using the bathroom as a makeshift darkroom!

I have gone through numerous cameras, printers, software, produced stacks of images, shot weddings, portraits, black and white . . . and after all that I still love my photography!

A few years ago I ditched the film camera and went digital. The potential benefits are huge and I haven’t looked back.

Check out all his other howtos which are geared for regular joes like me…

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  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    where are those guys at??

  2. Izl says:

    good suggestions

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