High School Student Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor

High School Student Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Wow, check this out. A high school student has built a nuclear fusion reactor. Maybe he can make the next Back-to-the-Future car…

High school student Thiago Olson has gone beyond basic physics class. Way beyond. Using parts and materials scrounged from the local hardware story and eBay, Olson built a working fusion reactor. In November 2006, a few tiny bubbles in his neutron dosimeter told him that he’d achieved success: Fusing hydrogen nuclei into helium.

[via] wired

5 Responses to High School Student Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor

  1. matt says:

    wft u need to rech temps well over that of the duffce of the sun aand fr thatu need some series stuff that cost lots of $$$$$$

  2. right says:

    matt? stfu ..thx

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    ebay can sell everythinng… lol…

  4. Carl says:

    The radioactive materials you can get on the net but in small quantity’s

    Why not just make a battery out of lemons like everyone else.

  5. Izl says:

    he bought tons of smoke detectors for it

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