DIY – Beginning with the Basic Stamp


Check out Bre’s new video on Basic Stamp howto with Joe Grand. He’s also got some pdfs with instructions.

Basic Stamp is a programmable embedded computer that you can program in BASIC language. You can also refer to CUBLOC, which is pretty much the same thing with more memory and speed.

There’s also many other BASIC programmable controllers on the market today. You can check out wikipedia for that.

You can use these easy to use microcontrollers as a control brain system for all your projects that need some type of control. Comfile, where I currently work, has some great relay boards that can control DC and AC devices.

In this special edition of the Weekend Project Podcast, Bre Pettis of Make: Magazine brings special guest Joe Grand to the podcast for the Awesome Electronics Workshop. Joe is a hardware hacker and shows you two simple projects to get you started programming with the basic stamp. Make an LED blink and make a little speaker to produce cellphone music.


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  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow.. they make programming with basic… look …basic…

  2. Izl says:

    they do dont they lol

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