Infinity Legend Paintball Gun!

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Check out Infinity Legend Paintball gun. It’s got some really neat features. So turn in your real gun for a paintball gun and start having some fun! (Peace!)

Infinity Paintball

Micro honed 14″ barrel – Autococker Thread, Beam break eyes, Aluminum eye covers, Easy on/off button and LED light, Snatch Grip, Anti blow-back O-ring inside body, Custom 3D milling, Inline Pressure gauge port, Quick Exhaust valve, Double Ball Detents, 3 way adjustable trigger, w/ bearings and magnet return, Extra large trigger guard, Self lube delrin bolt with 45 degree air transfer hole, High flow exhaust valve for super air efficiency, Custom Valve capable of 100+ cycles per second, 45 degree air transfer hole in body, and it is Made in America!! Patent Pending

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One Response to Infinity Legend Paintball Gun!

  1. Izl says:

    NICE, but i dont play paintball anymore.

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