Lightsleeper Alarm Clock

Lightsleeper Alarm Clock

Check out this cool Lightsleeper Alarm Clock that’s supposed to help people with “seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where insufficient levels of daylight cause medical conditions caused by a hormonal imbalance ranging from depression to loss of energy, pre-menstrual syndrome, weight gain and migraines”. It can also sync to your natural body R.E.M. sleep upon waking up. Tight dude, how much is it though?

Research shows that the body’s internal clock only responds to bright light at certain times of day. This peak time in normal people occurs when the circadian rhythm is in R.E.M sleep, which is approximately 1 to 2 hours before waking. This promotes the use of Light Sleeper Bedding and proves it to be one of the most effective products for treating SAD and improving well being as it synchronises our body clock each morning. The bedding is also suitable for those who keep unusual hours and who travel in helping to prevent jet lag and regulate the body clock.


3 Responses to Lightsleeper Alarm Clock

  1. Pacman1607 says:

    Where can I buy the Light Sleeper ?
    How much is it ?

  2. Izl says:

    A squid with led lights in it?

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