DIY – Blue Heart LED Light

Blue Heart LED Light

Here’s a cool blue heart LED light that you can use as an example to make some water filled lights. It’d be really cool if it was RGB.

This is small gift i maked for my girlfriend for Valentine’s day. 🙂 Blue is her favorite color. So i decided make something that is blue.

First idea was to make copper sulphate crystals (I will place instructable how to make them later 😉 ) So i was started making crystals but i failed. 🙁 After two days i only haved some small crystals and 2oz of that strange blue liquid you see in picture below…

There was only 2 hours before midnight left, and I decided tomorrow i must gift something to my girlfriend! Then I started thinking and idea shot straight to my head. I grabbed my instructables MagLite and just lighted to bottle with that solution…

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  1. Izl says:

    yea RGB would be nice, still looks cool, could make diff shapes

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