Big Airplane

Big Airplane

Wow, check out this huge airplane. I am not sure what it’s called but came across it while stumbling today…

Does anyone know anything about this???

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  1. umf says:

    Whatever, obviously it’s photoshoped. Just look at the reflections.

  2. umf says:

    Confirmed, it’s a fake. That plane it’s named “Iguazú Falls” and it’s a Boeing 777-206. Searching for KLM and Iguazú at gives you that

  3. garrett says:

    It’s not real, Max….

  4. plm says:

    Uhhh, this photoshopped image has been around for years. No more posting-while-drunk please.

  5. plasma2002 says:

    from the looks of the size of the tires, i’d say that it was totally photoshopped.
    Probably for a site like or something or another.

  6. plasma2002 says:

    actually, now that i look at it more, theres a few more things that give it away. haha… look at the cockpit windows. Theres an identical set of people in each. Also the reflections on the two main parts both show the right wing, which obviously wouldnt work. But still…. thats awesome 🙂 lol

  7. austin says:

    yea its not real someone photoshoped the front onto the intakes and you can still see the reflection of the wing on the side of the plain to tell it was photoshoped

  8. max says:

    really? I thought it was real…darn…

  9. Izl says:

    that reminds me of that movie with the giant worms.. (DUNE?)

  10. Katrina says:

    Good photoshop job though…minus a few little flaws that give it away

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  12. mra says:

    Look at the “left cockpit. It’s the same size, …and it is sitting on the ground!?

  13. Software says:

    Super plane 🙂 I like the joke.

  14. lox says:

    But how can you fly this airplane???????????????????????????????????? Because you can”t have pilots on both planes.
    Right? I’m sure I’m right.

  15. DMP says:

    Actually you can have two pilots in seperat cockpits. Look up a F-82. It was originally designed from two P-51 Mustangs. The first design used a pilot in each cockpit so that they could switch off during long flights. However, the left side pilot was latter replaced with radar equipment. It was a pretty interesting design which saw some action during the Korean War.

  16. mitchfd says:

    OMG. looks real, am convinced. haaaaa

  17. Triple88a says:

    Obviously the image is a photo shop however let me tell you the reason why you will never see this in real life. The people are way too close to the ground during takeoffs and landings which put them in very harms way. There have been multiple landings where one of the engines on the wings touches the ground and gets damaged. The people are up high so they are safe. In this concept, they will be injured or dead.

  18. Jesse Richardson says:

    Let me tell you the real reason why you will never see this in real life… payload. The size (volume) of the passenger cabin on an airliner is much larger than the combined size of it’s engines. If this picture were real the genious engineer would have given up about 300 +/- seats in the main fuselage in return for much less under the wing. Seats are what make money. This concept, however, is not about feasibility but ingenuity. I’d like to see it work.

  19. Romanator says:

    possibly you mean the movie “tremors”.

  20. gerrit de boer says:


  21. gen. patton says:

    DIS PLANE IS the heroconda xb-52 it will kill u because it is piloted by osama bin lodinnn

  22. JD says:


  23. dissapointed says:

    dude thats photo shoped

  24. tempted says:

    Obviously Photoshopped fake. The two opposing fuselages seemingly mounted on each wing are perfectly identicle, right down to the reflections of the tarmac under each one – they are the same image superimposed on either side. A similar reflection from the taramac (only enlarged) can be seen on the superimposed center jet turbine – Photoshopped and cut from a wing & enlarged to fit the fuselage in the photo.

  25. zedomax says:

    Yes, it is obviously fake.

  26. zedomax says:

    Yes, it is obviously fake.

  27. hansel says:

    that “big” airplane is some cut and paste photoshopping…

  28. zedomax says:

    Prove it! 🙂

  29. zedomax says:

    Prove it! 🙂

  30. michael says:

    Sure its photoshopped, but where would the passengers sit, the wind coming out of the engine would be inside the plane. Still looks cool.

  31. klm says:

    guys honestly it’s real. I am from Amsterdam where KLM’s home base is and saw this amazing aircraft on runway 27R this morning

  32. bigplanes says:

    Me too! amazing how it passed on the viaduct crossing the A4 motorway! Too bad it was too dark to take a picture…

  33. Anonymous says:

    just look at the back of the cocpits and how its compltly cut off on an edge ahah so fake

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    Actually both could be right!

    In DUNE on the planet of Arakis the worms that dug their way through the sandy underground were literally miles long and could threaten the lives of hundreds of people at a time when they attacked sand crawlers. In TREMORS the underground worms, or Grabloids, were at most 25 or 30 feet long and while they were dangerous, it was in the domestic sense compared to the global fear that came from the worms of Arakis. In case you were wondering, the only reason anyone put up with such a ridiculously dangerous indigenous species though was for “the spice”… in Tremors there was no such reason to stay, and leaving was a good deal more difficult than just hopping on the closest spaceship.

  36. bob says:

    fake noobs

  37. Anonymous says:

    i have no idea what u mean with photo shopped

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