DIY – How to build a Ferro-cement Boat!

DIY - Build a Ferro-cement boat

DIY - Build a Ferro-cement boat 2

Remember our post on building your own boat? Now this one is serious and can go on the ocean.

Check out this cool DIY on building your own Ferro-cement boat. I probably wouldn’t try building my own boat since I don’t trust myself. (what if it sinks in the sea?)

But you can build one and send us pictures of your boat for some free gadgets!

The boat is the yacht ‘Noidea’. (In case you’re wondering about the name, it comes from “What are you going to call your boat?” – answer – “No idea”).

It’s a 57′ ferro-cement ocean sailing cruiser, about which the following statistics may be interesting (then again, they may not be – in which case just skip the next bit): length 57′, beam 16′, draft 8’6″, displacement 45tons (all up). In the course of the construction we consumed 9 tons of sand, 18 tons of cement, 1.3 miles of 1/4″ steel wire, 1.3 miles of 1/6″ steel wire, 100000 wire ties, 40 sheets of 8′ x 4′ 3″ square 1/6″ wire mesh, 3500 square yards of 1/2″ chicken wire, 6.5 tons of scrap metal, countless 10000s of screws & bolts.

If you’re wondering how we went about the construction of a 57′ (17.5m) ocean-cruiser, then this might give you some idea.

6 Responses to DIY – How to build a Ferro-cement Boat!

  1. Baarks says:

    Hello. My name is Baarks. I am from Norway, and I have a question?
    I thinking about building å boat in ferro-cement. I have read many articles and Hartley & Brookes book about ferroboats. I just want to ask You if You know where I can buy building plans for sailboats/motorsailers 30-35 feets long?

    I must say that here in Norway ferro-boats are relatively unknown. No tradition here to build boats with this materials, unfortunately. So…I know I maybe ask for too much now, but I feel thet I have to try. If You can´t help me here it´s fine, but if You can I absolutely will be happy!

    Your Sinserely BAARKS
    (my real name is way too difficult, so I use my nickname, instead.)

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    all i need to hear is cement… and i think thin… or very heavy…

  3. Izl says:

    oh yea im gonna build a boat…. 😐

  4. Greg says:

    My dad built a 55 foot ferro ketch in 1976 and the cost started to go through the roof.

    Bottom line – they’re brittle and if it sinks it’s not insured (generally, insurance companies won’t insure home boat builders) – you lose the lot!

    Dad’s boat was anchored in Halifax harbour one night, then there was a bad storm and the anchore line was cut and it was driven to the rocks in Dartmouth cove and flattened and sank there!

  5. C. Ray says:

    Don’t know if you’re still looking (or even still reading this board, it’s been 3ish years!) but on the off-hand chance, here’s one of the best Ferro Cement boat designers around!

    He designed Ferro boats prolificly in the 70’s, and can usually be convinced to sell his older plans if you explain you’re not from the US. He won’t sell Ferro plans in the US because the finished value of the boat is typically less than the cost of the materials…

    Hope this helps someone out there!
    C. Ray

  6. Wiley says:

    Do not try to build a boat of any type. You will not get your moneys worth. I Just bought a 55 ft cement fixer upper for $500.00. Especialy in this economy boats are good buys. Just remember you will never get a return on the money you put into this. Aboat is for your pleasure only not for profit. Never buy wood unless you are an experianced wood crafts person. Nothing is more important than the quality of the hual. Also one off home made boats can be a disaster. Mine is a production model. 32 were build at the same facility. Mine is #23. Best of luck on your indever.

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