John Chow dot com and making money blogging

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Okay, it seems like there’s a lot of people making money just blogging including this guy, John Chow.

Check out John Chow who made $7000 already in February. Actually some of his articles are very helpful such as the ReviewMe ad you see we put up today on the sidebar.

I like how he uses terms like affiliate whores and google whores. Just seemed very new down-to-earth terms for me to understand the whole blog marketing crap.

Check out this list of google whores. Well they really are the successful googlers but the term just sounds really funny.

I wonder if John has posted an article about yahoo whores…well there’s probably not many who made enough money using Yahoo Publisher’s Network yet…

We’ve recently signed up for ReviewMe, Blog ads, and looking some new ways for blog revenue.

Hey, did you our Bizrate ad? Yes, we finally got a sponsor for the site, we are going to be able to add more servers and all! 🙂 (In the past, Max’s pockets have been going downhill with lots of debt due to over-spending on dedicated servers for websites… )

Our recommended Blog advertisement route:

Blog Ads Network


We tried performancing before but they’ve seem to gone haywire lately after some kind of buyout.

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  2. Blogulate says:

    What’s Jeremy’s pic doin in a post on John chow ? 😀

  3. zawadi says:


  4. Izl says:

    wow. just wow @ that check

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