How to make your own 3D Stereogram!

3D Stereogram

I am very bad with 3D Stereograms, but here’s a site I used to make the one shown above. I know what it says, but just can’t see it. Can you guess what it is?

Ok I’ll admit it this website has little technical value but in the course of another project it stumbled its way into my lap and is worth passing along. According to the numbers 85 – 90% of all people cannot view a sterogram which is what this website creates. I used to be in the group of people who could not seem to view it. Not wanted to be in some sort of inferior seeing group I practices using the methods below and with a little bit of coaxing from this website I can now see the 3D images created by a Sterogram. Thank you Flash-Gear lol.

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25 Responses to How to make your own 3D Stereogram!

  1. Jamie says:

    says ZEOO MAX

  2. Andy says:

    I can read yours easy but I cant see it in flash form (It blinks)

  3. max says:

    damn, you guys are good,
    i really need some professional stereogram help…

  4. Andy says:

    no the d is capitalized and slightly sideways

  5. max says:

    yeah, i guess everyone sees it except me, bummer~

  6. Jeff says:

    I see it no problem.

  7. Herishna patel says:

    I am olny 11 years old.ZEDOO MAX is the answer.

  8. Herishna patel says:

    Sorry actually it’s ZEDO MAX.

  9. max says:

    Well, at least you guys see something, I don’t even see any letters… ;|

  10. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … here is a better way max… put upir nose up to teh screen and look “through” the book… and then slowly pull away…

  11. max says:

    yeah, it just doesn’t seem to work for me, my contacts require me to blink every couple seconds too…

  12. Izl says:

    max ive never see anything in these either, beats me how others can.

  13. noli says:

    yeah max.i can’t even recognize the letters they put here

  14. Sammie says:

    Its ok if u cant see stereograms, most people cant. but i can!! :p and it says zedo max

  15. max says:

    yup, after a year, I still can’t see it…

  16. Monty says:

    it’s alright if you blink your eyes. I blink my eyes and look around the picture when I look at these things. I’ve been able to do them since I was young but that doesn’t make a difference.

    Really, you want to feel like you’re eyes are relaxing. Once you see an edge, start tracing it with your eyes and it becomes more defined.

    After a while hopefully, u’ll be able to just do the technique of a quick sub cross of the eyes and be able to see them while flipping through a book. That’s what I do atleast.

    There’s a science behind the reasoning. Here’s a technique tip.

    O O

    Stare into the middle of those two dots and slowly cross your eyes, WHILE LOOKING IN THE MIDDLE NOT CROSSING TO YOUR NOSE, until you see a third dot in the middle. Keep focusing until it becomes clear. Breathe, relax. Don’t strain the eyes or else it doesn’t really work as well.

    Hope that helps a little.

  17. Simon says:


    thats what it says..
    i went on the like that you provided.. but it doesn’t work.. its a blank black screen.. the only thing functional is the tio control bar.

  18. max says:

    Well start drawing on it! 🙂

  19. Dimon says:

    There’s similar online tool with better features, it’s called Stereogram Paint:

  20. Wordpress Themes says:

    It Says ZEDO MAX . Anyway did you ever managed to make a 3d stereogram from a picture?

  21. Wordpress Themes says:

    It Says ZEDO MAX . Anyway did you ever managed to make a 3d stereogram from a picture?

  22. dylanasdfasdfa says:

    Ok this probably wont help you guys but i remember my best friends dad had a gold one and when u looked into it was a bunch of sharks surrounding a ship with a pirate chest, anyhow, the trick to this isnt to blink right or look close then back up you have to focus your eyes out, like when you look hard at something do the opposite almost pretend your superman with some xray vision and try to look through and u will see your eyes start getting blurry and want to blink but its better not to, and it will start moving a bit and fuzzing up and then stuff will jump out basically it will be about a half inch taller than the background

  23. Anonymous says:

    i see an “O”

  24. Avinash says:

    max , follow these steps

    1.stick your nose on the monitor
    2.dont try to see the image clearly , let it be totally blurred
    3.slowly move back about an inch , the image still should be totally blurred
    4.move back some more about 2 inches , the image should still be blurred
    5.move back about 6 to 7 inches from the monitor slowly and “hold this position”
    6.the image will still be blurred but now try to view the image clearly .i.e. adjust your iris from this position so that you can try to view the image clearly this position everything “around” the image is totally blurred but you should be able to get the depth perception of the image

    It doesn’t matter if you keep blinking through the process . Once you are at 6 to 7 inches from the monitor and trying to focus into the image you will see it

  25. max says:

    That WORKED!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!! It took me nearly 3 years to see the stereogram!

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