3G Cellphone Review – What’s your choice of 3G cellphone?

Are you thinking about getting a new cellphone or pda phone? Well, my HTC8125 with 2G just broke so I am thinking about getting a new phone.
First thing you should really consider when buying a new cellphone is 3G support especially if it’s a pda smartphone you are buying.
For your information, my HTC8125 with 2G is about as fast as a 115200 bps modem for browsing the internet. It does support wifi but even with wifi, it’s very slow and I don’t recommended for anyone.

Fore more on 2G vs. 3G performance, you can check out:

Anyways, here’s a Zedomax Review of 3G Cellphones:

Motorola Q9 The Motorola Q9 is awesome with 3.6Mbps HSDPA 3G!

Here’s a video review of it:


Samsung SGH-F700 Samsung SGH-F700 is one of my favorite targets. The only thing I don’t like is that it runs Windows.

i-Mate Ultimate 5150 i-Mate Ultimate 5150 does offer 3G but doesn’t really look stylish or visually appealing to me.

Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack looks really cool and probably the slimmest phone among the ones here. I am really leaning towards this guy. Since it’s available now, I might get it…

Cingular 8525

The 400Mhz HTC 8525 supports 3G but having experienced a 200Mhz HTC 8125, I know it’s still going to be very very slow. The HTC 8125 pretty much lost all my confidence for that company so definitely a no-no. If HTC wants to prove otherwise, send me one! Plus my HTC 8125 just died recently only after 5 months of regular abuse! (My old samsung lasted more than 3 years!)

Here’s a 3G card for your PC:

Helio 3G card for PC Helio 3G card for PC (via Gizmodo)

I heard Verizon Broadband is pretty fast too.

Here’s a list of non-3G phones:
(Don’t get these if you are going to use the internet a lot…)



¬†What’s your choice of 3G cellphone?
Leave your choice at the comments.

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