Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts


Check out this octopart search engine for electronic parts. It seems to searching mouser, digikey, and other major electronic part companies for stuff.
The creator dropped out of school to make this so everyone please take a look!
P.S. I couldn’t find any Make controllers, Cublocs, or any controllers that are not being sold through the major suppliers… (maybe they can add them…)

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8 Responses to Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    but does it show pics of everything??? and then show you what you can gharvest it out of…

  2. Carl says:

    Look and you will find out.

    I have bookmarked that, Maybe now I will be able to find suppliers of some hard to find componants.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i will look later…

  4. Izl says:

    ill use it when im gonna buy some comp supplies

  5. Silva D says:

    The site is lacking at best! The feeds are not in real time, and are only updated when the supplier submits a new Excel file. BOO!

  6. max says:

    yeah i’ve noticed that the site kinda does suck, it only lists major electronic suppliers.

  7. Harish says:

    Thanks for the writeup of Octopart – I agree that we are not as useful as we can be, and are constantly trying to improve the site. If there are any specific suppliers you think we should list that we aren’t (or if you have any other suggestions), please e-mail us:


    and let us know.


  8. max says:

    Well not that I care but what about parts like cubloc from comfile?


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