Wii HACK – Wii on iPod!


Check out this Wii hack, someone got a Nintendo Wii to play on iPod!

Just playing some Wii… on my 60GB iPod. Basically in a nutshell I just rewired my dock with the lightbar from the Wii. Then running linux and a app that I installed on the iPod, enabled it for live video stream via the 30pin dock connector (ie. instead of video out I can have video in) Then with a few splicing of the composite video connectors and some electrical tape to convert it to the S-Video jack on the back of the dock. The audio was passed through to a reciever and not through the iPod.

[via] youtube

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  3. Rachel Ooi says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Need to dismantle my bf’s iPod!

  4. max says:

    yes, make sure to take a video and send it to us! 🙂

  5. jesse says:

    Looks like a fake to me, prob recorded himself playing the wii on a pc monitor or something then made a movie of it and put it on the ipod, some of the hand movements dont even line up with the hand moving on the screen and plus, the wii isn’t even on.

  6. jamz says:

    this is definatly fake… and I’ll prove it

    1. where is the sensor bar

    2. why do I see no cord connecting the wii the the ipod dock

    3. ipod’s can not stream video (even if they have rockbox or ipod linux or any other firmware)

    4. the ipod does not have 30 pins in the usb connection there are ony four pins if ou look hard enough you’ll see only 4 golden wires which are the pins when ou look at a usb connecor or on the bottom of your ipod

    and for any other ppl out there who still belive this is real then you know what… why don’t you try to convert composite viedoa and audio into usb (chances are 1 in an infanite amount of numbers that you will succeed; how do I know , beacuse I actually know stuff when it comes to electronics)

  7. jamz says:

    *p.s. in addition to my comment above once and if you find a way to convert composite video/audio to us then you also have to figure out how to make the screen size the size of the ipod then not to mention a way to make or find a firmware for you ipod that can get that video/audio and then display it on the screen

  8. upurs says:

    true and if you look closely the wii mote dosent move the same as the hand and it looks like thats just a video anyways

  9. girrrrrrr2 says:

    lol… so it is fake… i couldnt tell at first…

  10. Izl says:

    Aww i had my hopes up

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