DIY – How to run your car from water!

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Here’s a cool video of car running on water. What do you think?
Thanks gfcgamer!

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Here’s also a conversion-kit guide you can buy.

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  1. dustin says:

    what a crock of sh*t.

  2. horisly says:

    haha,my god.

  3. johnsonio says:

    My 80 year old father told me that, during WW1, a French scientist had developed a device that enabled vehicles to run on water. It must have split the hydrogen away from the oxygen-burnt the hydrogen and exhausted the oxygen. He said he had seen a news reel of this when he was a young man.

  4. HealthNow says:

    This is pretty awesome. Hopefully we can find out more, before they start charging us an arm and a leg for renewable energy sources!

  5. girrrrrrr2 says:


  6. Izl says:

    haha that made me chuckle…. pfftt…

  7. jason key says:

    its true its using orgon energy people wont understand this for years to come way to advanced if someone went near his car and touched it with there hands the energy would not harness orgon and the engine would stop

  8. Jake says:

    There is actually a do-it-yourself adapter kit for converting cars to run on water. It’s located at Run a Car on Water

  9. P Kaa says:

    Hey there is a guide here that teaches you how to make a system like that that is run by water. Run your car on water with Water4Gas

  10. P Kaa says:

    You can do it with this guide –

  11. gfcgamer says:

    Thanks for Thanks me!
    => D.I.Y. and make it work before say a word, skeptics!
    This is the most fantastic thing I ever made, and making, again and again from the latest 3 years.
    Named Joe-Cell, as transfer medium for ORGONE ENERGY, or as HHO, or as pure BROWN’S GAS, doesnt matter!

    * Is IMPLOSIVE while charged as proved on video out there.
    * This gas is SAFER than any other combustible.
    * We can Breath! Better them oxigem, can acelerate Cure, relax, stop headaches etc…
    * IMPLODES only Inside a Charged Buble. For this, a spark or fire must cross the buble or a closed container (valve).
    * The implosion is a cooling process, It can Freeze your engine, Take Care!
    * Sometimes the engine stops, and reach +60.000 RPM, untill get hotter again, Stay Away skeptics!
    *A huge 3 centimeter buble implosion, seems to pull out your eyes from your face!
    (we must fast camara film these!)
    * Only Inox ANSI 316l works for me, and MINERAL WATER must touch only 316l and Quimically Inert Materials, as PTFE. (In Brazil Tap water works great)
    * Naked Cooper Wrapped outside the cell makes more gas.
    * To work, keep cells away from Magnetism, Iron and other magnetic metals.
    If you keep conected on battery, just change the water every day, the water became dirty!
    At home, a Tiny, not more tham 30v 800ma Simple -eletronic- low cost DC power source to work welll.

    See you, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    “Why They forgot The melody, the Melody!” -Kurofune Ballad
    (The Melody of Oblivon)



  12. Phantomseek says:


    There is amazing new information available at which is helping me to run my car on water

    Convert Your Car TODAY to Run on Water and gas to save over 40% on fuel costs!

    Would you like to find out how to run your vehicle on water and stop wasting money on gas?

    This do-it-yourself conversion guide is very affordable (under $150) and EASY with step-by-step instructions.

    The conversion WILL NOT void your warranty because it is 100% reversible! It’s easy to install and remove.

  13. P Kaa says:

    Hey there !!

    Running your car on water is a concept that has been around for some time and many oil companies are aware of the potential of this technology and are doing everything they can to destroy it!! However there are handy guides out there like “Run your car on water” that can teach you to convert your own vehicle into a water powered machine saving you gas and money!!

    For more information about this guide goto

  14. McFly says:

    Don’t fall for this!!! use your common sense. The energy needed to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen is GREATER than the energy obtained from their combustion back into water. Also you must consider losses in the engine due to frccion, thermal losses, plus most energy would go into pushing the car!. If this were not the case, one could simply condense the water vapour back into the water tank and the car would run forever. This is impossible, there’s no such thing as free energy. Energy can be stored, but when energy changes states there’s ALWAYS losses.

  15. gfcgamer says:

    1 – Joe cell is NOT COMMON AT ALL!

    2 – It generates HHO , NOT HIDROGEN!

    3 – Such energy lost is common for ANY OTHER KIND OF METAL, but NOT for Inox ANSI 316L! :

    4 – Go to GOOGLE and do a SEARCH in these:


    5 – What else i can do? Is up to you to -DIY- or instead of be “sure” of your mistakes.


    Remenber! Do It Yourself!

  16. gfcgamer says:

    – I know, I know Joe!

    Is Your JOE CELL trully uses directly -ONLY THE ELETRIC ANOMALY- that creates IMPLOSIOIN IN HHO gases directly into the engine combustion chamber.

    But this is so hard to a NEWBIE in DIY-JOE-CELL to understand.

    For a while HHO will keep things up, until the time they LEARN the eletrical secret BEHIND H.H.O. for themselves.

    see ya.


  17. mitch says:

    I’ve never seen such horse shit! meths in a balloon. thses chops obviously dont know that some gasses like oxygen and hydrogen are invisible…

  18. robert saint amour says:

    with all due respect to your dad, he obviously got into some excellent french wine

  19. robert saint amour says:

    this is a total scam and you have to wonder how dumb people are

  20. gfcgamer says:

    This is NOT A SCAM.
    DIY and shut your mouth. (do you know what Do-It-Yourself mean?)

    This means: IT CAN work for you.
    Worked for me.

    We are taking NOTHING from you, and you loosing NOTHING if try new experimets.

    Try It!

    I will never ask a cent for that.
    Dont do it if you will spend your rich money, but dont say that is scam if you dont try with 316L!

  21. robert saint amour says:

    it’s not a scam as long as there are people stupid enough to buy it right???

  22. Run Your Car On Water says:

    This technology works. I have seen it in real life. But I don’t know what will be with this technology during the winter when temperature is below 0…

  23. Water Car says:

    Why do people who have never tried this technology say that it is a scam? The technology described in this post really works and I have seen it myself.

  24. robert saint amour says:

    if you are so convinced this nonsense works, i would recommend two things
    -go back to school for that chemistry class you missed
    -and i have some land for sale cheap, please come at low tide though….

  25. robert saint amour says:

    if your science is as good as your grammar, we should be fine…are you really that dumb or do you have a tutor ?

  26. Water Car says:

    Robert, are you really so stupid to talk with a bot? May be you also have your silly brain for sale because you are the stupidest person on this page. You should be proud of yourself. Congratulations! Wow, you didn’t miss your chemistry class, good boy, however as we see it didn’t help.

  27. robert saint amour says:

    does that mean you’re not buying my land ?? you can drive your water powered brain to it

  28. Dave says:

    Dude you are an idiot. These people aren’t trying to sell you anything, you can go get the stuff to do it with at a hardware store for $50. If you did buy a program it wouldn’t be a bad idea, it would just make it easier. Read up dumb ass, this works.

  29. Ktuluhu says:

    Sorry Robert, I don’t really need your land in Stupidville. You can use it yourself. By the way, water powered brain is better than shit powered brain(I am talking about your brain). It doesn’t polute air…

  30. Science Sam says:

    Guys the basics of splitting the water molecules (forgive my spelling i struggled in english, but excelled in physics and math) and then re-combining them will infact get you no-where… you will move untill your battery runs out of power thats required to generate the initial conversion. Even with a “non-capped altenator”. BUT the use of the HHO/Hydrogen in a gas/water hybrid would work. Theoretically on the basis that a petrol car works on between 20-40% efficientcy the hydrogen (whether you use H2 or HHO) would increase the power of the combustion and the efficientcy of the burn. Thus requiring less gas for the same milage. The electrical current required for the conversion could be drawn from the alternator since there is alot of “un-used” power there that is only being used to keep the battery topped up. There are other things to consider with this conversion that no one has bought up. that is the effects of Hydrolisation (thats what happens when you are constantly “hammering” hydrogen molecules into substances like metals and alloys) this causes them to go brittle and can deteriorate your engine. But i think you all need to look at things more laterally rather than the simple energy cost conversion. It is possible and to the bum trying to sell the coastal property i’ll buy it… Private waterfronts rock… you gotta think outside the box.

  31. Jeff says:

    I have no doubts that there are ways out there to harness power from natural sources. Look at solar power. The first person that dreamed that up was probably ridiculed also. If this really works i am all for it and would love to try it out. What concerns me though is we already use enough water as it is. What happens when we use as much water as we do gas? And then how will they regulate water? If it is a better solution for the environment that is one thing but in the end i bet our pockets will still pay a hefty price. I think they should look into magneticism for some answers. Things that are ever lasting power sources would be best. How about a wind generator on your car that powers it while driving along with solar as well. Wind and sun don’t cost anything, you can’t sell it because you can’t own it. Water on the other hand can be controlled. But it’s a neat idea non the less to run your car on water. I am just not sure it is the best way.

  32. Hydro cars says:

    oil companies are preventing the growth of these hydro cars, but embracing these technology will help help in decreasing the use of fuel oils, and also contributes in helping our nature, try converting your car now, it wont hurt, you will actually have lots of benefits after converting your car into one of these hydro powered cars.

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