MySpace Account with Over 100,000 Friends Sells for $2,125


Check out this myspace account that sold for 2Gs. Yes, you can make money on myspace but don’t sell your friends!

I started this account 4 years ago when MySpace first started. I have used it as my personal account but I am now in need of a little extra cash and my friends suggested that I sell my account so I thought I’d give it a shot. Why should I buy this Account? If you are into MySpace you know an account with over 100k friends is VERY rare. Now to own a MySpace account with over 100k friends, a low ID, and an unset URL is unheard of. If you do not bid on this account you will probably never find another one like this! This account gives you an instant customer base. Depending on the product you sell you should make back the money spent on this auction very soon.

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