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Here’s an interesting site where you can vote on babes, cars, guys, or whatever. I personally enjoyed the babes section. After you click on one of the images, it will shows you which babe is the winner at the bottom. Awesome… It seems like they took all the pictures from flickr and made it a voting site… hmm….

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  1. Diane says:

    I have recently joined Flickr with some of my landscape photos. I’ve also heard about ┬╗ and asked if they could enter my photos in their combat.
    I like this site better, too, because you cand see the best Flickr pictures there. And you also get to vote, which is really cool. Plus you get to subscribe to receive the picture of the day (and yes, they’re really nice) from any of their categories.

  2. max says:

    Yes, I think this is a very good site with good idea unlike our social networking site… We will have to think of something new…actually we have a new site we are working on called, just got it registered so we will see…

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