Aqua Teen Hunger Force gets better ratings after the fiasco

Remember the aqua teen hunger force that took over Boston for a day? Now their ratings have gone up by 20 to 30% over the last month or so.
Their $2 million lawsuit fees must have been part of the strategy. It would probably cost them much more to get as much boost…

Last month, a guerrilla marketing campaign for “Aqua Teen” led to a daylong terrorism scare in Boston after blinking boxes featuring a character from the show that had been placed around the city and elsewhere nationwide were mistaken for bombs. As a result, parent company Turner Broadcasting System had to pay Boston-area authorities $2 million to settle claims, and Cartoon Network general manager Jim Samples resigned.

Adult Swim set basic cable monthly records in total-day delivery in adults 18-34 (460,000, up 28% compared with February 2006), adults 18-24 (280,000, up 32%), males 18-34 (283,000, up 25%) and males 18-24 (169,000, up 20%). It also extended its streak as the No. 1 channel among males 18-24 to 23 consecutive months and ranked third among basic cable networks for total-day delivery in adults 18-49.

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