Water Powered Batteries with MIT’s Walter Levin lessons


This video proves that energy can be tranformed into a battery, perhaps confirming that it is possible to make a battery with a candle, lime, or potatoes.

Thanks gfcgamer!

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  4. Andy says:

    It’s called Kelvin water dropper (AKA kelvins thunderstorm)

    now, unlike wool you might be able to start a car with this. 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    wow I didn’t know you had smiley.

    lets see 🙂 🙁 😉 😀 😛

  6. Andy says:

    wow 5 out of 5 sorry for the off topic posts 😮

  7. Flor27 says:

    Mouarf. Potatoes battery is just chemical, as the first Volta battery was. No relation with this water battery.

  8. max says:

    🙂 :>

  9. Flyinrhino1 says:

    Zedomax, I watched the video you have linked and it was very interesting, I am guessing here that the static charge is actually provided through the the transfer of a eletrostatic charge (electron transfer) between the water running throught the barrel and plastic tubing. This would allow the water to transfer it’s charge from the friction with the tubing – through the air (made easier with a humid atmosphere”water”) to the smaller (insulated) cans allowing the charge to build up till it can bridge the gap between the two metal rods.
    also look here for more info –
    HowStuff Works – Static electricity

  10. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool i wodered how this worked.. i even aske dmy science teacher… she didnt know…

  11. Izl says:

    this is a boroque one :O

  12. andy says:

    wheres the rest of the video???

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