iPhone vs. Smartphone

iphone vs smartphone

Here’s a funny little comic strip between the two phones. I thought the iPhone had 3G while the Samsung didn’t…hmmm…i must have mis-read it somewhere…

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  2. tao muon says:

    You didn’t know the Samsung had 3G? Maybe you need to research your “G’s” and figure out what’s up.

    tao_muon- inspiration for the smartphone / iphone commercial:

  3. max says:

    yeah, actually in the new post we figured out that the samung had 3G…


  4. Eric says:

    I think they are already planning the next version of the iphone and it should have 3g but that is just hear say in blogs.

  5. Raul says:

    mac vs pc, in cartoon, and in phones

  6. Aryan10 says:

    Well actually, that’s a Samsung BlackJack. The Samsung BlackJack II has 3G.

    But you can probably get MS Office Mobile on the iPhone, plus it’s got a Wi-Fi, something the BlackJack doesn’t have. And it’s touchscreen and has Multi-Touch interface, something that’ll be in the upcoming Windows 7.

    PS: Does anyone know whether or not Multi-Touch works in the winter because of all the cold???

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