Bluetooth Accelerometer

Bluetooth Accelerometer 2

Bluetooth Accelerometer

Check out this PIC based bluetooth accelerometer that you can use for your future wireless accelerometer applications.

This is a small wireless sensor platform providing a bluetooth SPP link to three axes of accelerometer data. The accelerometers are sampled by a PIC microcontroller (onboard ADC) at roughly 100Hz (rate can be changed via firmware). Data from the ADC conversion is sent to a remote computer using the PIC’s UART in conjunction with a drop-in bluetooth serial part. Even with two dual-axis accelerometers onboard there are up to 17 free I/O lines and two additional ADC channels depending on the device configuration. Three sockets provide access to all PIC signals. Over-the-air programming allows for easy firmware updates and rapid prototyping without the need to have a PIC programmer or special cable. Schematics, parts lists, and firmware sources are available online.

4 Responses to Bluetooth Accelerometer

  1. Brian says:

    Cool device. I have wanted to make something like this for awhile. I am interested why you would need to sample an acceleromter at 100 MHz. The best accelerometers only have banwidth in the low kHz range if not lower.

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  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    this is cool… so can this be used to make a wiimote???

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