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Check out augmented reality backpack from Tinmith! This seems almost like a physical layer of Second Life.

Welcome to the new Tinmith backpack 2006. As you can see from the images of our previous systems below, the new version is lighter and more robust than ever! We have taken our eight years of experience in the field and built a system using the best components that are currently available. We have designed our own custom housing to make the system robust and ready for use in outdoor conditions.

The whole system weighs 4 kilograms! Battery packs are an additional weight of approximately 2-4 kg depending on operating time and battery technology used. The profile of the system is almost to the point where a large jacket could be worn over the top and conceal the system. Compare this to the weight of previous systems which was over 12 kg on a hiking frame and with less functionality! The following photos show the left side (with ventilation fan and power switch), and right side (with antennas and helmet connector).


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  1. Izl says:

    Does it display a pic of whats outside, or a totally different image?

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