Sandstorms from China hits Korea

Sandstorms from China hits Korea

Sandstorms hitting Korea from China has worsened over the last couple years. A Sandstorm can really make a city quicky sandy like the picture above. I remember living in Korea couple years ago but sandstorms weren’t as bad then. Due to China’s exponential growth of factories, pollution, and what not, Koreans are being killed and slaughtered by the mass sandy pollution.

“There is an increasing possibility that yellow dust will appear some time between Thursday night and Friday,” South Korea’s Meteorological Administration said on its website.

The dust, which originates in the Gobi Desert in China, picks up heavy metals and carcinogens such as dioxin as it passes over Chinese industrial regions, before hitting North and South Korea and Japan, meteorologists say.

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    Ive never been in a sand storm :S

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