Zedomax Server Upgrade Complete!

server upgrade

Noticed we haven’t been posting as much lately? We got a server upgrade (now we got more servers) over the last couple days to handle more traffic and make the website load faster.

Finally, we are ready to go at full speed again without being slowed down by mysql and web server. We now have different servers to handle the mysql and the web server.

If you want to know about running a more efficient web server, check out this article on mysql and web server on different boxes.

Thanks goes to Vax and Spas at Aplus.net dedicated server team for getting us back online at a faster speed. (Yes, we got more servers now… we are starting to learn about server farms…)

4 Responses to Zedomax Server Upgrade Complete!

  1. Alan says:

    I am jealous, sounds like a sweet setup!

  2. max says:

    oh yeah, but it’s gonna cost me more than a car payment per month…darn… :p

  3. Showfom says:


  4. venkat2009 says:

    Fantastic article Nice awesome.I registered the Domain name in the site http://www.tucktail.com/.

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