Zedomax reaches over 500,000 Unique Visitors thanks to you’all

Zedomax Internet Traffic

The other day, we decided to check out web stats.  Above is a snapshot of our blog traffic since we started on August 14th, 2006.

We want to thank Phillip Torrone for all the blog posts and it was his Make blog that got us started in the first place.

Also all thanks also go to all the other blogs and websites that helped us get more traffic and keep going:

Since it’s hard to list everyone’s websites, just check out Zedomax Favorites for all the other cool blogs that are linking each other crazy everyday with Zedomax on the side of our blog for cool stuff.

5 Responses to Zedomax reaches over 500,000 Unique Visitors thanks to you’all

  1. DJ Neawedde says:

    Hey there! Glad to see your site is doing pretty well, congratulations. And thanks for mentioning Ministry of Tech in this post, I appreciate it! Keep on bloggin’

  2. max says:

    Hey no problemo, thanks yo!

  3. Alan says:

    Congrats! Keep up the great job.

  4. max says:

    oh yeah! thanks Alan!

  5. Mobilemark says:

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