Homemade $230,000 Boeing 747 Flight Simulator!


Check out the homemade flight simulator you can test your 747 pilot skills with!

One day Matthew Sheil’s Boeing 747 is dodging houses on the approach into Hong Kong, the next it’s shaking like a baby’s rattle in a storm over the Atlantic. But Sheil does it all at a cruising altitude of about nine feet without ever leaving a Sydney, Australia, warehouse.

An amateur pilot who runs a trucking company, Sheil has spent eight years building a flight simulator that precisely mimics a 747 cockpit down to the last dial, knob and switch. And flying it may be better than the real thing. It’s got real-time weather, the preflight safety lecture (recorded), air-traffic control (live, from other sim users), even Qantas Airways food—but crashing is less fatal.

via ministryoftech

2 Responses to Homemade $230,000 Boeing 747 Flight Simulator!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    to much free time someone???

  2. Izl says:

    that would be great to practice on

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