DIY – Make your own modern ceiling light!

Check out this cool modern style kitchen light you make yourself on a budget!  tighT!

This project started with a very common problem: terrible kitchen lighting. Like most people, my kitchen lighting was awful and consisted of just one dome lamp in the middle of the ceiling. The other possible option is the ugly fluorescent recessed lighting that most kitchens seem to have. With my situation the problem was just not having enough light. If you are in the fluorescent situation, you might have ample light, but with a terrible harsh color. This project solves both problems. I got a nice diffuse light that will really light up my kitchen, great color rendering, and it is dimmable (unlike fluorescents). I always seems to throw parties where I want to keep the kitchen lights turned off because I just know that the kitchen light completely wrecks the mood. This project fixed that.

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3 Responses to DIY – Make your own modern ceiling light!

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  2. Izl says:

    My house has embedded light bulbs into the ciewling, the spotlight kind

  3. ryan says:

    this is annoying. wheres the post? wheres the DIY thing? stupidity.

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