How to build your own heart monitoring device, a simple ECG?

Here’s a cool DIY on howto build your own heart rate monitoring device using an Atmel Atmega8
microcontroller.  You can probably easily make this idea work with any other microcontroller out
on the market with an ADC.

After a little introduction into ECG we will move on to the electronic description. The simplest way to explain how it works is to make a block diagram! The signal from the body is being amplified(the signals from the body are small and weak, ranging from 0.5 mV to 5.0 mV), filtered (to remove the noise), sampled (by sampling I mean it goes to an Analog to Digital converter aka ADC) and then sent to your computer through RS232 (wireless or any other way but RS232 was chosen because it is the simplest and fastest to make).

via e-dsp

4 Responses to How to build your own heart monitoring device, a simple ECG?

  1. Len Sanchez says:

    Very Dangerous – supposedly – I am taking a biomedical engineering design class and we create something very similiar – but use LM 471 opamp. Anyways, with a power surge or faulty grounding……..

  2. Pam Taggart says:

    I wanted to build onw of my own But you have to tell me Step by Step
    and where to get the Parts and the Stickers
    Pam Taggart

  3. Izl says:

    thats dangerous….?

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i guess so…

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