DIY – Nomad Autonomous Buggy

Here’s a nice little RC buggy for future reference on RC mods…

This was probably the most important thing to achieve. The R/C vehicle that I’m using has 2 servos, one to move the position of the front wheels and therefore controls steering and the other controls a mechanical speed controller (push it forwards and you go forwards, backwards and you reverse with an zone in the middle of not moving).

Servos are driven by a PWM signal which allows accurate positioning of the servo “arm”. Now I’m using a gumstix connex 200xm and a STUART waysmall board, the gumstix has 2 methods of producing a PWM signal, either through its hardware onto GPIO 16 (Jonathan Brandmeyer has a driver here however 16 isn’t avaliable on the waysmall board) or by the mpwm driver produced by Pascal A. Brisset which allows the signal to be produced on any GPIO.

2 Responses to DIY – Nomad Autonomous Buggy

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    what i get what it is for or what it can be ised for???

  2. Izl says:

    nice and basic looking, thanks for sharing

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