Bike Plow for your winter holidays

Check out this awesome bike plow to plow your snow while exercising!

After years of not having much success riding my road bike in the snow, I discovered the seat could be raised high enough on my daughter’s mountain bike for me to ride comfortably. Although the bike handled well in new snow, compacted, icy snow with hundreds of footprints and a few other bike tracks was a bit treacherous. I soon realized the amount of time it would take me to shovel the bike path would be paid back in a few days of quicker and easier riding. Additional motivation for this was the lack of any safe alternative route for a section of the forest preserve path. I could go across town to safer side streets but that would add almost 20 minutes each way on what is normally about a 30 minute commute. My first test at clearing a path was walking with a regular snow shovel. This worked fine although the constant lifting and dumping quickly tired my arms and back. Scraping the shovel on the pavement for a mile or so also wore down the metal tip. Heavier steel proved to be much more durable.

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  1. Izl says:

    But the bike wouldnt have much traction on snow anyway

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