DIY – FM Transmitter

Here’s a cool little design for your future FM transmitter.  (I’ve built similar ones before,
the challenge is, can you build one that’s stereo and noise-free?)

Using the simple designs of Tetsuo Kogawa, Japanese engineer famous for “party radio” and “polymorphous radio,” Neighborhood Public Radio will spread the gospel of micro-transmission in a 3-hour build your own pocket micro-transmitter workshop. Bring your soldering iron (if you have one) and an Altoids tin… and Neighborhood Public Radio will provide the rest. (Several soldering irons will be provided for those that need them.) Learn how to use parts that you can find in most electronics stores to create your own low wattage transmitter. These transmitters operate using a 9 volt battery and can be carried around in your pocket. Bring your mp3 player and leave as a walking radio station.

4 Responses to DIY – FM Transmitter

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    coool… i will make one and play pirated music(still with the drm)…

  2. Izl says:

    A radio would be cheaper.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    no this sends out the transmissions not lets them in…

  4. Zeby says:

    Grrr.. whats the coil specifications?
    how much thick wire wound in how many turns around what diameter ?
    if you know..let me know:)
    at amir_zohaib @ hotmail . com

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