1983 MS Mouse


Check out the 1983 Microsoft mouse. It looks really retro. Although I never liked Microsoft’s
operating system, I’ve always liked their mouse. Right now, I use the most basic optical Microsoft mouse.

It seems to click really well, I mean literally. I’ve gone through dozens of Logitech mouses and wireless
mouses, even the mouses that can scroll left and right. The point is, that I’ve broken all of them through
my countless clickings in front of my computer. The $9.95 Microsoft optical mouse is still the best in my
opinion even if I could afford a $200 one.

Does this peripheral look familiar to you? Let me refresh your memory. Back in 1983, Microsoft released the Microsoft Mouse. Packaged with Microsoft Word, it came with three programs: a musicial tutorial, teaching the user how to use a mouse; The Game of Life, a population simulator to familarize users with using a command line; and the Multi-Toll NotePad, text-editing software.

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  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    lol… cant you just go to a pawnshop and pick the same one up for less???

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