X-Hawk flying car by 2010


Cool flying cars being developed by Urban Aeronautics!

Well, this is nothing new to you and I of course. We’ve heard this one before. Urban Aeronautics, mker of the X-Hawk, founder Rafi Yoeli says we may see one by 2010. Features include a speed of 155 mph, 12,000-foot altitude, 2 hours flying time, vertical take off and landing. Sweet!

Pricing. Ouch. An X-Hawk might run you between $1.5 and $3.5 million. A bit high compared to the Terrafugia flying car priced at $148,000. Besides, it looks more liek a submarine than a flying car. What do you think?

via http://zedomax.com/image/icon/ministryoftech.jpg

2 Responses to X-Hawk flying car by 2010

  1. Carl says:

    That would be handy for me.

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    oh yeah i already own one…

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