Nike Lance4 Watch that has a digital compass and barometer!


Work was as crazy as usual, didn’t really have time to sneak some posts but now with some Hennesy and some fish, we are ready to go again.

Check out this watch I got for my birthday, it’s kinda cool. It has an embedded digital compass like our digital compass DIY except it’s much smaller and you don’t have to build it yourself. My girlfriend wanted to buy me a nice classic watch but I told her that I had to have something digital as that was just me…

I find this useful since I find GPS navigation to be too technological for me. I rather rely on my feel. (Which does get me lost sometimes but this adds to my feel!)

Yes, I think GPS navigation takes some fun out of driving these days… (Well, yes, I can’t really afford one or want to buy one…hehe)

The barometer function is very useful as the watch shows last 12 hours of atmospheric pressure. If the slope goes up, that means the weather will be good. If the slope goes down, that means the weather will be bad. I tried it and it actually is pretty accurate.

The altitude function will be great for my golf game for gauging the depth since the golf course next to my apartment has many ups and downs… (Lincoln Park is da bomb, cheap too!)  Talking about Lincoln Park, there’s a band that’s called it too!  (they have some good music that I like…)

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  1. Bill says:

    It’s amazing what they’ll put into a watch these days! Now if only I could talk to my car through it ala KITT!

  2. IWearWatches says:

    Also, the altimeter is rated to go to Mt. Everest.

    Here is several other great benefits that this watch has. It truly is an awesome watch.
    Real-time digital compass has 1-degree resolution and can be quickly recalibrated if altered by a strong magnetic field.

    1000-hour chronograph (which is enough for a month-long race
    or 41 days and 16 hours) with data recall handles expedition-length races.

    5 Interval timers help increase performance during training.
    Barometer provides accurate weather trends.
    7 alarms: 4 time alarms, 2 altitude alarms and a hydration alarm.

    Pretty Cool Watch!

    Terry –

    PS. I don’t know how many people come to your site for a review of this watch, but in case they do I wanted to send you a link to the online manual for this watch. I get a lot of customers who are looking for the manual because they lost the original or something.

    The link to the Lance 4 manual is to Nike’s site:

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  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    now where is my killer lazer again???

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