Cool LED men gets blown up by the stupid government

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Boston is going crazy over our cool LED man. Well I meant “our” as in the technology community.

They’ve “identified” it as a bomb threat and started blowing up these as they find them.

Check out this hilarious video, here.

More cool funny stuff.

Check out the full story.

What do we think of this? Everyone here at Zedomax was laughing all the way through the video,
we first thought it was just fake… :p

This is an outrage, they should hire some smarter people at least. Just because it’s hanging in
random places doesn’t mean it’s a threat! I know it’s post 911 era, but this is just going way too
far. They just have to hire couple geeky guys like us in their bomb squad (and pay us at least six
figures for being geeky) and they would have known it’s just an LED. My condolences go out to
Peter Berdvosky, who is an innocent art student. It’s a good thing the LEDs are just LEDs, if they
were people, oh man, that would really blow the world.

Man, thinking of tax time and how much of my hard earned dollars that are withheld by the
government, this is total BS… Anyone feeling the same way, link to this article and Make article
and let’s start a revolution against stupid bomb squad! (again, this is so stupid, they REALLY
need some smarter people in the government…)

Really, there should be a news TV about how stupid these people are wasting our tax money,
instead these TV people are taking it so serious! (It’s a great thing I don’t watch TV and
don’t really care about how everyone else in the world thinks and the media.)

Leave your positive and negative thoughts!

P.S. If that’s the bomb squad, I better move to another country becaz that ain’t protection,
that’s plain stupidity.

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6 Responses to Cool LED men gets blown up by the stupid government

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    irr you will be missed…

  3. Carl says:

    Electronic art work, Love it

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    did they makwe any ignickot???

  5. Carl says:

    Any what?

  6. Izl says:

    Saw this video a long time ago, always wanted to do somthing liek that

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