Blogging, a Tax Deductable Home Business?

Is blogging a tax deductable home business? You betcha your mom’s house!

UPDATE: This is information for the U.S., other countries may have similar tax laws 

As we all know, tax returns are coming soon. I just bought this book on home business tax deduction that tells you that as long as you can prove that you are making some money and you are trying to, you can write off stuff for taxes! (Yes, screw the federal government just for these months!)

Well as you know, I did buy this new laptop which I use 95% solely for the purpose of blogging. If you have Google ads or any type of revenue you are generating with your blog, and you blog mostly out of your home, you can declare yourself as Home Business! Well, I am not a tax expert but you can also deduct part of your rent if you rent an apartment like us. For example, if you use your living room as office, (or where you blog) and your living room is 50% of your house or apartment, you can write off 50% of your rent money as tax deductible rental!

Yey, maybe blogging was worth it since we are really running low on funds from spending too much on making various different websites over the last 6 months.

[We are not responsible though if IRS comes after you…]

Check out these websites, some of have gone south but some are still hanging on there…

Yes, you can declare your blog as a home business! Write off all the munches you are eating while blogging, all the gas spent driving to other bloggers, and any money you spend on on blogging! (That does give bloggers more incentives to keep blogging around. 🙂 )

Zedomax Websites:

Zedomax – Yey, this is our first blog and a website we can call a website

Da Bomb TV – This one we just made for fun to see how videos can affect people

– A localized blog for San Francisco and the Bay Area which we never have time to post anything so it’s in hibernation right now until we can quit our jobs… :p

Zikiwiki – An online technical documentation wiki, our first wiki using MediaWiki, which powers the Wikipedia.

WagThis! – A social bookmarking system that we made for fun after getting kicked off digg for hacking. You can wag this and wag that like a dog! Well the only problem with this one is that it’s running on a shared server and it’s just too slow but maybe we can do something with it in the future…after we quit our jobs…

HollywoodStars – (Adult ONLY) – Here’s a fun site that collects some celebrity news! (Don’t TELL anyone we made it! Shhh!)

Okay, so you got the idea, we are making some fun and bogus sites so check them out if you are bored and need some entertainment while doing your blog taxes! :0)

9 Responses to Blogging, a Tax Deductable Home Business?

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  2. The Reviewer says:

    Don’t forget your internet connection. If you are a blogger, you must connect to the internet for blogging, so your internet connection for the whole year is tax deductible, that is 600 bucks for me.

  3. This is one of the reasons I started blogging a few months ago.

    However, you CANNOT write off your entire living room as a tax deduction!!! The square footage you write off must be used exclusively for business purposes.

  4. max says:

    oh yep, hmmm…what if you blog 24/7?

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  6. Tim R says:

    Make sure you purchase Home business information after doing your research.

  7. Make sure your home office is not in your bedroom (that you sleep in). This is the only way you can take a deduction for home office use.

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  9. Carl says:

    You people have got me thinking.

    Will have to look into this.

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