Automated Garage

Okay, this automated garage is being installed in New York somewhere. I think it’s great technology
that’s really been around but getting better and better every year. The only thing I am wondering is
I have not seen a single robotic garage in San Francisco, why?

With attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, car owners will enjoy the retrieval of their vehicle in less than 2.5 minutes with no risk of dents, scratches or dings to the car. AutoMotion also eliminates the chance of damage to their car interior or theft of personal goods left inside of car, i.e., an iPod or briefcase, since no one ever enters the vehicle. Once a customer drives inside the garages entry/exit room and locks their car, they swipe a card to activate the system and leave. Their vehicle remains motionless, transported on a pallet automatically to its storage bay. When returning, customers swipe their card and their car is returned back to the entry/exit point and the customer starts the car and drives away. No tipping of attendants will be required. Without the frequent running and idling of auto engines found within traditional car valet parking systems, the environmental nuisance of harmful car exhaust fumes and excessive noise will also be removed.

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2 Responses to Automated Garage

  1. Auto Usate says:

    Ma se si dovesse inceppare qualcosa…cosa ne sarà delle nostre povere auto?

  2. Carl says:

    In Germany they are re-vamping areas that are run down, as part of these projects the have underground parking as a must before the building gets put on-top. All these are automates in the same way.

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