Unique Visitors – Guerilla Internet Marketing 101 – Lesson 1

“UNIQUE VISITORS” is the difference of “HITS” from 10 years ago to now.  Everyone with a website knows what a “unique visitor” is.  If you asked someone 10 years ago, they wouldn’t know it or probably rather pick their nose.

Well, I am not an expert in the blogging subject, but I think I have more enough know-how than your regular joe.
The market that is not being tapped in the Internet marketing world are the blog ads that are out there. You can grab some really low CPM ads over Google AdSense.
The best thing about these blog ads is that you only pay once and you don’t have to pay for all the clicks and impressions. Based on past history of the blog, you are free to post some advertisements. Blogs seems to be very stable. You can check out some traffic of any website on alexa.com. There are some other ones out there but I feel that Alexa.com does a good job.  Make sure to check on your stocks and check out some of the latest emerging blogs… you will see that your stocks really suck yet blogs are really starting to rocket…
Here’s two of my favorite blog ads:

Blogads.com – Great CPM but their website seems to be down sometimes, well the ads keep going but…
Performancing.com – A lot of blogs including this one but their website seems to have some quirks to fix since they’ve been recently acquired by someone else.

Even though these are not greatest ads, it could be your path to guerilla internet marketing… well again, I am not an expert, but just an honest opinion from a techy blogger…

The cool thing is that some of these “blog ads” can cost you almost $10 Gs for some celebrity blog! BUT, do check out the advertisers on those sites. They are all big companies like Helios, Sony, etc…etc…

I suggested this to my boss and he figured it was a good idea to try and see what happens, so we will update you on the results of our Guerilla Internet Market over the next couple weeks… In the meanwhile, try to promote our website by coming BACK! Thanks to everyone who watch us and Cheers!

I’ve tried Google adsense and it does work but the cost per impression and cost per click is way too high and sometimes you get some of these bogus clicks!
So today’s lesson from Zedomax is to get some Blog ads!  Our ad on performancing is 11 cents, so go get it and help us keep maintain the site and get some easy traffic to your site!

Blog ads works!  (I think….we will update you with results soon…)

Okay, enough of this for tonight and we will get back to hacking, DIYs, and more gadgets… :p

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  1. Izl says:

    Good luck making money then 😛

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