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Hey here’s a cool feed reader you can make. (Hey, Phillip, send me a make mp3 so i can start hacking it, we are in hibernation ‘cauz we really need a desktop mp3 player…)

Okay, we agree that we request too many free stuff but at least we do make things…hopefully a lot of them when we get out of our weird hibernation mode right now…

In the meanwhile, do check out our new video site!


P.S. Yes, my work address is:

550 Pilgrim Dr.Ste.K

Foster City, CA 94404

If anyone has some cool peripherals (such as GPS modules and whatnot), please feel free to send them here, we will make sure to hack it and make a new DIY…
Send us SAMPLES! Yes, we are cheap but at least we are doing somethin’ hehe….

P.S.2. We’d like to know what is the best e-cart shopping mall software or package to use, if you are an expert in this, let us know since we are thinking about opening some new stores…

2 Responses to Cool Feed reader

  1. Izl says:

    Nice, our store has some

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    yeah… how long are you in class for???

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