Control your car using your Cellphone!


Here’s a cool Smart Car system for your car with GPS tracking so you don’t have to pay some
big name service to track where your car is.

Do you need to control your vehicle using your cellphone or track
where it is in the world on your computer?
Here’s a cool smart car system built using the CUBLOC CB220 as the
brain and CLCD420B for display. They obviously hooked up some GPS
modules and some GPRS modems to make it work nice.
Our distributor in India built this,
awesome job guys! 🙂

Also check out the PDF with detailed features.
If you want to get hands on one of these systems or be a distributor
for it if you own a Auto company, contact Autopay Solutions.

3 Responses to Control your car using your Cellphone!

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    darn i thought that i would be able to make go in all directions just by talking…

  3. Binu says:

    Nice article

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