DIY HACK – Internet Controlled Security Robot

Here’s a cool internet controlled security robot you make yourselves and protect your home or office!

Wow, here’s a cool internet controlled security robot using CUBLOC
, CuBASE 32M, CLCD420B, and a MAXPORT. Thanks Shelato!

There are two components to the interface. One a Visual basic program that sends and receives commands to the cubloc. Two, the cubloc program that receives the commands, controls the cubloc and turns the outputs on and off.

The fully load version on the test stand. It runs wireless!!!!!!!! However, I’m tethered to the power supplies for the Linksys router and Cubloc power supply. Next weekend we go to full battery power.

The Maxport is sticking out the backend of truck connected to the Linksys router through the blue ethernet cable. 2 Green lights can been seen on the Cubloc. The LCD display is in the passanger window.

via cubloc

6 Responses to DIY HACK – Internet Controlled Security Robot

  1. Faran Tariq says:

    This a very exciting thing and would be likely to know that how to make it.

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  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… looks like you nmade it max… becuasse of the screen…

  4. Izl says:

    2nd comment, nice this is going big then?

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