Podcast HOWTO by Phillip Torrone from Make magazine!


Well we were thinking of making some new video podcasts so today we stopped by the Apple
store in downtown San Francisco to get some ideas from Phillip Torrone at Make.

Actually Garrett and I were supposed be there together but Garrett and I got lost while my car
ran out of gas on the way there… (next time, we will have to take one car!)

Here’s the summary of Podcast HOWTO:

  • Use GarageBand to create enhanced mp4s.
  • Using an enhanced podcast allows you to do more such as putting a clickable hyperlink to your
  • Make easy to navigate menus for different parts of the podcast
  • Interactive PDFs can be good, such as 3D images that can only be opened with latest versions
    of Adobe reader but really cool. Check out the spud gun pdf again if haven’t yet and click
    on Explode and Implode and you can move it around like that!


We did get to show Phillip our golf POV with “makezine” on it, so hopefully we will get hands on
one of those soon and get to hack it a little. Above is picture of the Phillip’s version of the MP3
player. We are going to try to put the LCDs and some more hacks for it.

I think Phillip will have a more detailed instructions on Podcasting at Make blog…
We did get to talk about how Google ads are not really relevent anymore, maybe people need to
start using video sites such as metacafe, blip.tv, revver, etc… to make some revenue.

In all, we did learn a lot from Phillip about podcasting and plan to implement a lot of what he had
to say. Watch out for Zedomax Podcast coming soon! Hey thanks Phillip, that was great info,
something we needed to get off our slow podcast start…
We definitely need to get our hands on an ipod… maybe I can borrow my dad’s for now…

Here’s a little secret video we took which isn’t much but next time you should goto the show
if you want to learn about podcasting
[gv data=”KbL0Pq6AGWk”][/gv]

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  1. Izl says:

    Podcasting isnt so difficult anyway

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