Hacking and Network Security

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  1. brendon says:

    hey dude , im moving to this apartment and there is like 6 wireless internet connections. But they all have security locks on them. is there a way to unlock them so i can get on the internet??

    Brendon Tofino, British Columbia

  2. max says:

    Try this:

    You really need to use Linux though:


  3. brendon says:

    still trying to get on the net from this apartment… all the wireless networks have security locks on them. Is there a way of finding out the password ???? and will they know when im using there network????????

    Brendon Canada

  4. max says:

    oh yeah, this is pretty much illegal to do,
    it’s really informational purposes…

  5. brendon says:

    so how do you do it max…. i live in a preety remote community in canada

  6. george says:


  7. girrrrrrr2 says:

    so this doenst work if you cant acess a wireless connection huh??…lol…

  8. Izl says:

    Intresting sites, you can crack passes with linux?

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