PSP HACK – uClinux on your PSP!

Check out this cool PSP hack! Someone ported uClinux to a PSP! :p

uClinux is a open-source linux for small embedded applications.  You have no royalty to pay for
after you develop an application which is the benefit over the royalty attached RTOS
(Real Time Operating Systems).  Micrium has some cool RTOS but I think you have to pay like
$10,000 just to get started…

I ported uClinux 2.4.19 to the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) ™. Well, Xiptech ported uClinux 2.4.19 to the MIPS architecture, and I ported that to the PSP.

Depending on your perspective, maybe a lot, maybe nothing. It has minimal hardware support (the headphone jack serial port has a TTY driver, and, well, thats it really. Unless you count the CPU and the RAM.)

It boots. It mounts a root filesystem that is linked in with the kernel code. It loads an interactive shell and has a very minimal userland. At the moment, every binary is statically linked.

This is mainly a proof-of-concept. Hopefully now more people will help, and we can write device drivers for all the remaining hardware thats on this nifty little handheld.

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7 Responses to PSP HACK – uClinux on your PSP!

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  2. Izl says:

    Why would you want that on your psp?

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    why not???

  4. Izl says:

    Psp doesnt come with infinite storage space….

  5. oli says:

    WHy linux: cause it’s the best operating system ever made and it’s open source! This means that everyone can program stuff for it and there already exists a lot for linux; even more cool apps than windows or mac.

    running linux would be running linux musical apps also… that’s why I should adapt linux

    BUT I’m more thinking of a DIY harddrive for psp; perhaps 40gb partitioned running 2firmwares: custom firmware and linux?

    A also saw an adaptor to change microsd cards into memstick pro duo. Maybe this is better to implement more firmware boots?

  6. max says:

    Hmmm… that sounds like a good idea, why don’t you hack one up?

  7. oli says:

    I’m more or less repairing or trying to repair psp’s; i have now 4. I got a psp from the beginning and all homebrew worked excellent on 3.30 OE. Sony did a lot of effort to block all homebrew and made it harder and harder to make work apps. I’m now on 5.00m33-6 and found out that a lot of emulators that worked perfectly back then and now crashing, blocking, or game could not be started. I turned to 1.5 settings in recovery and got working some stuff but not all. DGEN for example does not work anymore and I did all I could do I guess.

    I know a lot of circuitbending but psp is more nanotechnology and very difficult to solder to; about programming I don’t know a lot but in my opinion if it has usb it can use usb so as I saw in store those tiny little cubes 20gb and 40gb would be nice to fit into the broken umdplace and connect it via mini usb or directly to motherboard. Anyway I think it’s not that easy as the psp needs a program eboot to recognize the new HD. I hope some good programmer could finally make such a prog.

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