HACK – Trace Any IP Address Or Website!


Cool little hack using tracert command and www.ip-address.com. Trace the IP
address down to a satellite image!

20 Responses to HACK – Trace Any IP Address Or Website!

  1. carl says:

    lol. the url is http://www.ip-adress.com
    not ip-address.com

    but cool site!


  2. woho says:

    hehe, http://www.ip-adress.com is the correct url and its one of the best i know.

  3. rajesh says:

    its fantastic site i had ever known………

  4. Fuck says:

    Fuck! This ip locator http://www.ip-adress.com shows my house! I tried a lot, but never something that was that accurate. I have to move 😉

  5. bull & shit says:

    lode of shit, my uncle Bin can hide his IP and live in a cave for many years !!

  6. easy says:

    no, or? http://www.ip-adress.com is fucking amazing. i told it all my friends… thank you for that great url.

  7. max says:

    yeah, sure, no problemo! 🙂

  8. bella says:

    wtf? this site is amazing. i tracked my friends with ip-adress.com. its pretty accurate and handy.

  9. midas says:

    agree with all of the above – adress WAS fabulous. used it to get a bead on 419 scammers. 31/05/07 – THE SITE’S CHANGED. NOTHING LIKE IT USED TO BE or is it my machine?? help!! anyone.

  10. Izl says:

    i thought u could only trace to servers?

  11. polario says:

    IP-adress.com traces servers and ip addresses. this is the most popular and most accurate ip 2 location site in the meantime. i use it to trace my chatfriends. its more than fun.

  12. navybaby says:

    what do we have to write on the place to find the ip address, when i click run then i typed in cmd what do i have to write next

  13. Sunit says:

    this site helps only to know the location…. if u know ip-address… but how to know ip-address??

  14. Marty says:

    Any way to find out people’s IP on invision power board?

  15. McFly says:

    IPReq.com shows your IP address without all the clutter and crap. It’s just more simple.

  16. pox says:

    ya but u have to be a mod or admin… sorry 🙁

  17. pox says:

    ya but u have to be a mod or admin to view sorry… 🙁

  18. dick says:

    the IP address finder y’all have put up doesnt exactly work for me. it says im in deltona, FL, which is about 20 minutes way from where im actually at. any ideas as to why?

  19. bitch says:

    not that accurate but give a good idea were the location is

  20. kashmir says:

    i find many ip address but not know to use someone help me

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