Use LogMeIn to remote control your PC from anywhere!

Check out this free VNC program. I signed up in less than a minute and was able to access my
work computer from home. I believe it also works on PC, Linux, and MAC since it has a Firefox
extension on it.  I’ve used before but it’s not free and this LogMeIn thing is free!

Also check out open-source VNC that works cool too.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I have used logmein extensively for over a year, having a pro subscription for 6 PCs for that time. However, i have recently become disenchanged with some really poor customer service!

    i was recently “banned”! The reason they give is because when they renewed my pro subscription (without notifying me in any way), after charging the card, they received a dispute request…

    i never initiated such a dispute request, i don’t even have the credit card they used in any case any more…

    When i learned that the ban occured, i sent them an email to their support response.. not getting a response in 48 hours, I called, and was informed of the reason. They wouldn’t consider there might have been a mistake on their part or the bank’s part, and they won’t reinstate me without me sending them a check for the amount + 20% administrative fee.

    i am particularly offended for being banned without any knowledge of what is going on. i don’t even know which bank the particular credit card was charged through, and don’t recognize the last 4 digits of the card they used as mine.

    They have promised to re-instate me pending payment, but they haven’t even done that…

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