ROMI, South Koreas New House Cleaning Robot

The news that by the year 2020 that every South Korean will have a robot is probably going to
happen earlier. But the real good news is that ROMI is a voice-recognizing robot that cleans
your robot. I want one, will you guys send us samples?

The Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has recently revealed a new house-cleaning robot called ROMI. This bot is expected to make its official debut at the CES 2007 trade show later this month where more information will be available.

ROMI is a floor-cleaning robot capable of understanding voice-activated commands. It has a video camera mounted in its head and can transmit video via a Wireless/CDMA connection to cell phones or PCs.

This is one of several household robots being introduced to South Korean homes this year in the preliminary stages of South Koreas larger goal to have a robot in every South Korean home by 2020.

via communistrobot

5 Responses to ROMI, South Koreas New House Cleaning Robot

  1. garrett says:

    The robot cleans my robot? Then what robot cleans the robot cleaning robot? 😛

  2. max says:

    yeah, that’s right, it probably needs a self-cleaning mode too.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    lol…. that would be funny… just to see a line of them going straight toward the trash… cleaning the one infront of it…

  4. Izl says:

    better than roomba atleast

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