HACK – Zedomax the World’s Fastest Digger?

Well, here’s a cool story, user zedomax might be the world’s fastest digger!

Hehe, too bad my account got erased, they thought I was doing some “unusual” hacking,
even though all I was doing was digging all the stories from the past. I think digg
has some issues with people digging too fast…oh well… :p

Anyways, we will just have to create some new accounts on digg for now.
P.S. Does that count as a hack?

UPDATE: I did get in touch with Digg and they got my account back couple months ago.  Thanks Digg support for getting my account back! 🙂

2 Responses to HACK – Zedomax the World’s Fastest Digger?

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  2. Izl says:

    Lol i thought you buildt like the worlds fastes diggging drill or somthing

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